Culinary innovation from the vineyard to the kitchen

As a company, Hestan is built upon a shared love of food and innovation. We believe the kitchen is a place of collaboration and celebration. This is evident in the name “Hestan” itself – a blend of founders Helen and Stanley Cheng’s names. For it was their passion for exceptional food and wine that brought together the extended Hestan family of chefs, vintners, designers, and engineers.

After pioneering nonstick cookware in the 1970s, Stanley Cheng’s inventive spirit led him to the commercial kitchen. Then Hestan changed the game for outdoor cooking. And now, the home kitchen. Above all, Helen, Stanley and the Hestan team delight in the details of cooking – celebrating and elevating every nuance of the culinary experience.

Ranges & Rangetops

Proudly built in Anaheim, CA, Hestan ranges don’t just look the part – they perform with unrivaled power. In fact, our CircuFlame™ burner is the exact same burner used in our commercial models. Other durable details, like the same Marquise Accented™ handle preferred by our restaurant chefs, create a signature commercial crossover style. Chef-friendly features including backlit knobs and PureVection™ technology to elevate your kitchen to a new level.

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Strong. Silent. Stylish. Hestan refrigeration raise food preservation to a new level with antimicrobial stainless steel, advanced ventilation and a unique airflow system that traps cold air behind an air curtain even when the door is open.

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Wine
  • Undercounter
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There is a correlation between the towering pile of dirty dishes and the number of happy guests. Hestan’s dishwasher cleans everything from stock pots to stemware quietly, carefully and thoroughly with their patented Double Axial Washing System. It’s the next best thing to a magic wand.

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Wall ovens & Warming Drawers

From astounding airy bread to standing rib roast, Hestan ovens ensure the perfect temperature and heat circulation with TwinVection technology. Even the warming drawer expectations as a bread proofer and food dehydrator.

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Microwaves are certainly a convenience, but that doesn’t exclude them from culinary performance – at least not as far as Hestan’s team is concerned. Their drawer microwaves and convection microwaves handle the usual with ease, than add exceptional functionality like roasting, baking, and warming drawer capabilities.

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When you cook up a storm, Hestan ventilation hoods silently clear the air. Hestan’s best in class ventilation safely collects 70 percent more grease than most competitors. And while they’re corralling smoke and odors, these hoods also brilliantly illuminate your cooking area.

  • Canopy hoods
  • Chimney hoods
  • Liner Hoods
  • Island hoods
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