AKMWCK30 - Microwave Convection Trim Kit 30"

Hestan is known for its innovative and purpose-built performance that easily passes the test of time. Hestan can make any kitchen a place for collaboration and celebration with its quality products that cater to a variety of kitchen requirements. Pioneering this thought, Hestan has brought you its 30- Microwave Convection Trim Kit. Using this kit, one can easily convert their countertop microwave into a built-in microwave. This kit also promotes ...

KMWC24 - Microwave Convection 24"

Hestan 36-inch 4-burner dual fuel range is the perfect amalgamation of high-performing liquid propane sealed burners and oven. It brings you a robust range of heat control and culinary power of up to 23,000 BTUs that can go as low as 500 BTUs flame. The oven uses an exclusive PureVection technology that can automatically optimize the heat and airflow for uniform heating. The oven features nine oven modes to complement your recipes. Its Sol-colore...

KMWR30 - Microwave Drawer 30"

Hestan 30-inch 4-burner features a natural gas sealed burner system that gives you full temperature control for culinary power up to 23,000 BTUs and it can go as low as 500 BTUs. The 12-inch commercial-grade stainless steel gas griddle offers enough space to make cooking a hassle-free task. The high-performing oven features nine oven modes to complement your food and cooking style. Its Gentle-close door is shock resistant as well.

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