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To reach a Product Specialist call 800.950.9900

To reach Sales, contact the team assigned to your region below:
Northeast Region
Phone: 800-836-2522
Email: [email protected]
Mid-Atlantic Region
Phone: 800-950-9900
Email: [email protected]
Southeast Region
Phone: 800-645-3505
Email: [email protected]
South Central
Phone: 844-277-2566
Email: [email protected]

About Us

Almo Premium Appliances is a national distributor of professional-grade luxury home appliances, offering best-in-class appliance manufacturers that are leaders in their field. At Almo, we seek out premium appliance manufacturers that focus on engineering and product development; those who develop products that go beyond high style and status to deliver exceptional quality and value. When you work with Almo, you can be confident that behind that beautiful front panel, you’ll find superior construction, exceptional performance and long product life.


  • ADDRESS: 2709 Commerce Way, Philadelphia, PA
  • PHONE: 800-950-9900
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