Built to match; designed to stand out – Sharp is the foremost authority on microwave and steam ovens, in the market.

Its innovative microwave drawer and SuperSteam + Steam Oven are absolute show-stoppers, intended to be the complimentary piece to any dream kitchen. Sharp’s unrivaled selection of premium finishes, including the sleek and versatile black stainless steel, focuses on one’s design savvy and creates an upscale kitchen that suits diverse lifestyles.

Microwave Drawer

From craftsman to contemporary, the Sharp Microwave Drawer ™ Oven’s stylish, low-profile design is a perfect match. Add in its reliable and cooking performance, with 11 patents on the Drawer platform alone, this unit is engineered for consistency and built with the finest quality materials. Great cooks trust the Microwave Drawer to deliver restaurant-quality results, every time.

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SuperSteam + Steam Oven

The only oven that grills purely with superheated steam, the Sharp SuperSteam + combines steam cooking with a convection oven for perfect, healthy culinary results. Superheated steam, up to 485 degree, browns food with exactness, creating a crispy exterior and a tender, juicy inside. Steam, up to 212 degrees, cooks moist, tender and delicate-tasking cuisine. While the convection oven roasts and bakes with radiant heat circulated through the 1.1 cu.ft. cavity by fans. A true showpiece, the black and stainless design, and brilliant color LCD display with touch navigation, only adds to the easy function and beauty of the SuperSteam +. Simple elegance.

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