30" Vortex One-Piece Liner with 390 CFM Blower, 3 Speed Levels

Zephyr AK9028AS
The Zephyr Essential Power Series AK9028AS Vortex One-Piece Liner leads the way with the industry’s only adjustable-depth installation dimensions. Staying true to its one-piece liner roots, Vortex has a single liner piece that is designed to extend up to 3-inches towards the front of the range hood so you can install it in spaces built for a hood up to 20-1/2-inches deep. Add to this its category-leading 390 CFM, optional recirculation kit and i...


  • Hidden under the cabinet, this sleek and stylish vend hood matches almost every modern or traditional kitchen
  • Vent all dirt and air pollutants like smoke, steam, and grease from your kitchen with this 30" wide vent hood
  • Get added visibility with its halogen bulb
  • Achieve a stylish look with this stainless steel color vent hood that complements the entire kitchen
  • Internal blower sones: 1.4 - 5
  • One hybrid baffle filter
  • Mechanical slide integrated controls
  • Dual-level lighting
  • CleanAir function
  • Two 35W halogen bulbs
  • Internal blower - vertical: 6-in. round
  • Internal blower - horizontal: N/A
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Mounting Height: 26-inch - 36-inch
  • Recirculating option
  • Adjustable depth


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