Grill Entertainment Suite Stainless Countertop Bar Foot

Hestan GESSBK12
<p><b>12' Outdoor Living Suite with Egg Shaped Smoker/Grill and Bar</b></p><p>The ultimate in luxury, the Hestan Outdoor Living Suite with Egg Shaped Smoker/Grill offers an install-friendly upgrade with cutouts for a grill, egg shaped smoker/grill, storage and undercounter refrigeration. It comes equipped with weatherproof outlets and single-point gas and electrical connections to streamline fuel and power for all of your Hestan Outdoor products....


  • Innovative design and precision performance create the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience.
  • Monogrammed corner panels feature the same design featured on the award-winning Hestan Commercial restaurant equipment.
  • Weatherproof outlets conveniently power all your gadgets, tools and devices.
  • Single-point gas and electrical connections streamline fuel and power for all Hestan products in your suite.
  • Heavy-gauge, welded body construction and stainless steel front, sides and bottom weathers the elements in style.
  • 12-foot Outdoor Living Suite with Egg Shaped Smoker consists of multiple cutouts (appliances sold separately) in a suite to accommodate: 42" Hestan Built-in Grill, 42" Hestan Access Door or Drawer/Door Cabinet, 36" Egg Shaped Smoker/Grill, 30" Hestan S...
  • Fully welded 1-piece stainless countertop - SD, SS models.
  • Fully welded 1-piece stainless raised bar with MarquiseTM belly bar, stainless backsplash with electrical outlets and waterproof outlet covers (two in 12 foot suite) - SSB, SDB models.
  • Optional heavy-duty Ultra'tect Poly Fabric Cover with the Hestan logo provides durable water repellency and is specifically constructed by weight for Hestan Outdoor Living Suites. Cover comes with a Hestan storage bag with cord and lock.


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