Entertainment Suite with Stainless Steel Countertop;

Hestan GESS08
The Hestan 98-Inch Outdoor Living Suite will help you transform your unused outdoor area into a highly-efficient all-in-one kitchen. This living suite features a power burner and a premium patio to make the transformation process easier. This Outdoor Living Suite features a grill unit with cutouts for Hestan grills, a power burner, storage and refrigeration to ensure that all your required items are available within your reach. This configurable ...


  • 120V AC Power
  • Stainless Steel Top
  • Stainless Steel Curb Base
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Single Point Gas Connection
  • Weatherproof Covers
  • Durable Unit
  • Heavy Gauge Welded Body Construction
  • Stainless Steel Front, Sides, and Bottom


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