Electric Cooktop, 36"

Hestan KGC36
KGC36 product image
Hestan gas cooktops deliver extraordinary power and control to standard countertops. The center power burner provides a searing 20,000 BTUs – perfect for steaks, chops and large stockpots. On the other end of the culinary spectrum, the pro-simmer setting maintains a gentle flame for the most delicate dishes and sauces. And the continuous grates and backlit knobs combine stunning form and function – not to mention elegant style.


  • Sealed dual-frame center power burner provides 20,000 Btu/hour of high- performance cooking power.
  • 36" Model: 20,000 Btu center burner with four 15,000 Btu front and back burners (total of 80,000 Btu).
  • 30" Model: 20,000 Btu center burner with two 8,000 Btu front and two 10,500 Btu back burners (total of 57,000 Btu).
  • Pro-Simmer allows for a precise, consisitent gentle simmer.
  • Custom heavy-duty cast-iron grates provide a continuous, uninterrupted and maximized cooking surface. The combination of the sealed burner and burner bowl, the design optimizes combustion efficiency to produce top cooking performance.
  • Unique heavy duty, stainless steel, completely water-tight sealed, burner pan allows for ease of cleaning.
  • Robust electronic ignition/re-ignition capability to provide safety and proper gas ignition. Ignitor will continue to spark until the burner frame is established, and re-ignite in the case of frame blow out.
  • Elegantly backlit cooktop control knobs add functionality and unique illumination. Special red illumination function smartly indicates burner/grate is still hot.
  • Zamak die-cast rangetop control knobs.
  • Beautifully contoured Hestan signature control panel.


*Guides and Sheets are provided in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat.

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