Built-In All Freezer Column, Right Hinge, 30"

Hestan KFCR30-BK
KFCR30-BK product image
The Hestan 30 Inch Column Freezer delivers dynamic food storage with easily adjustable shelving, high-performance compressor and antimicrobial stainless steel. The EvenFlow Air Circulating Technology consists of independent ventilation for each compartment and provides uniform and precise temperature control, ensuring better food preservation. Pair with a Hestan refrigerator or wine cellar for the ultimate culinary cold storage system. This mod...


  • EvenFlow Air Circulating Technology™ consists of independent ventilation for each compartment, providing even distribution of cold air flow and allows for uniform and precise temperature control ensuring better food preservation.
  • EvenFlow Air Circulating Technology™ moves air through the compartment around the sides rather than back to front, creating an air curtain when the door is opened, keeping cold air from escaping and saving energy.
  • Insulated dual variable speed compressors provide quiet operation, precise temperature control, and minimal vibration.
  • Concealed side-mounted evaporator design allows for a deeper interior than most cabinet depth, built-in refrigerators.
  • Prevent the growth of microorganisms and cross-contamination with bead-blasted stainless steel.
  • Electronically controlled temperature zones allow for exact temperature settings.
  • Classic Refrigerator Zone - From 36°F to 46°F (from +2°C to +8°C ), the recommended pre-set temperature is 41°F (+5°C).
  • Extend Fresh Refrigerator Zone - From 28°F to 36°F (from -2°C to +2°C) the recommended pre-set temperature is 32°F (0°C). Preserves fresh food longer.
  • FreezerZone - From -7°F to +5°F (from-15°C to -22°C), the recommended temperature is pre-set at 1°F (-18°).
  • Door handle with commercial-grade end caps provides industry-exclusive durability and style.
  • Open heavy-duty doors easily and smoothly thanks to exclusive design.
  • Always have ice on hand with a built in ice maker with a Fast Ice function.
  • Brilliantly illuminate the contents of your freezer.
  • Never forget about leaving your appliance open with a convenient alarm system.
  • The control console has a self-locking feature which prevents unwanted changes to settings.
  • Holiday Mode This function is recommended in case of prolonged absences since it allows considerable energy savings.
  • Sabbath Mode The function makes it possible to comply to certain religious observances requiring that the operation of the appliance is not affected by the opening or closing of the doors (the thermostatic control, the inner lighting and the ice maker are


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