Dishwasher 24"

Hestan KDW24-OV
The ultra-quiet Hestan dishwasher keeps the kitchen clean and quiet. Our patented Double Axial Washing System produces the most efficient washing process for full coverage and optimum water usage, while the AquaStop Detection Technology shuts off water supply at the first sign of any leak. Finally, the door automatically opens to maximize airflow, eliminate spots and save energy.


  • Patented Dual Axial Washing System™ produces efficient washing process for full coverage and optimum water usage.
  • Multi-Wash and Dry programs to fit all your kitchen cleanup needs.
  • Ultra-Quiet 42 dB wash operation assists users by being equipped with an LED projection to the floor to keep you informed that it is running.
  • Automatic door-opening feature significantly optimizes drying performance, eliminates water spots, and saves energy. Unit quickly releases hot moist air to speed condensation drying process.
  • AquaLeak DetectionTechnology™ gives you peace of mind, detecting leaks in the hose and switches off the water supply immediately. Prevents marring in the extreme case of flooding.
  • Full-size tall-tub stainless steel interior and filter provides optimum and durable washing capacity. Robust flip down tines allow numberous accomodations and customization.
  • Heavy-duty, coated stainless steel dishwasher racks are not only stylish, but also extremely durable.
  • Completely customizable dual upper third rack provides total flexibility to make room for large pots and pans, cooking sheets and long, delicate stemware. Use both upper racks, single rack or completely remove both top racks.
  • Concealed electronic control panel.
  • Concealed flow thru heating element.
  • Multi-wash and dry programs fit all of your kitchen cleanup needs.
  • Concealed electronic control panel disappears when door is closed.
  • Counterbalanced door is lightweight and opens and closes easily.
  • Concealed heat element heats water quickly and is hidden for safety.
  • Marquise Accented oven handle with commercial-grade end caps provides industry-exclusive durability and style.


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