The art of ventilation has been synonymous with Faber since 1955. As a leader in the field of domestic air purification for over 45 years, Faber is the largest European range hood manufacturer, installing over 20 million units to date. By combining sophisticated technological advancements in design and fabrication, Faber offers a ventilation solution for every kitchen.

Image Collection

The Image Collection are modern pieces of kitchen art used to enhance the appearance of and become a focal point in the kitchen. These sleek, beautiful image hoods add advanced performance, features and superior Italian style to the kitchen. Each Image collection hood has won the prestigious Adex design award for design excellence.

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Designer Collection

A sophisticated union of fashion and function, the Designer Collection of vent hoods offer a slim profile design with styles for classic, contemporary and traditional kitchens. The sleek Faber Designer range hoods add style, beauty and function to any kitchen.

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Decorative Collection

The Faber Decorative Collection offers classic shapes and style for timeless kitchens. Whether your style is classic, contemporary or traditional, Faber decorative range hoods can add charm, class and a critical focal point to your design.

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Professional Collection

For optimum performance over professional cooking surfaces look to the Professional Collection of range hoods by Faber. These highly styled range hoods provide both professional level performance and professional style to your kitchen.

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Built In Collection

The Built-In Collection kitchen contain range hoods with superior fit and finish that can complement custom design in the kitchen. They’re designed to fit inside custom or standard wood cabinet creations. Whether designing a mantle, wood hood, hearth or standard upper cabinet, Faber's built-in collection has the perfect insert hood.

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Integrated Collection

The Integrated Collection hoods are meant to be concealed behind your cabinetry, to offer a seamless look and blend in with the rest of your cabinets. When the kitchen cabinet design is where you want the focus, the Integrated Collection offers the right range hood.

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