30" LH Integrated Bottom Mount BIOFRESH Large Door Revers Kit Needed

Liebherr HCB-1581
The Liebherr HCB-1581 30-inch refrigerator-freezer, with a single left-hinged refrigerator door and double self-closing freezer drawers, is ideal for fully integrated / seamless designs. This model includes BioFresh technology, which helps foods retain their healthy vitamins, aromas, and appetizing appearance for significantly longer than in conventional refrigerators. Smart interior design features include the elegant, yet tough, space-saving Gl...


  • 30-inch refrigerator-freezer with left-hinged door for fully integrated / seamless designs
  • Total Capacity = 16.2 CF (Refrigerator = 9.8 CF / BioFresh = 2.1 CF / Freezer = 4.3 CF)
  • 2 BioFresh drawers can be set individually to provide ideal humidity – HydroSafes with high humidity or DrySafes with low humidity
  • Intuitive electronic touch control panel ensures all functions are easy and convenient to use
  • DuoCooling technology provides superior performance and efficiency as well as better food preservation
  • SuperCool generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be rapidly chilled
  • SuperFrost generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be frozen rapidly
  • Noise is kept to a minimum with virtually silent, speed controlled and sound absorbing compressors
  • Distinctive LED light columns are integrated into both sides of the compartment liner
  • GlassLine adjustable shelves are scratch resistant and easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe
  • GlassLine door racks easily accommodate a large supply of milk or juice on hand
  • Automatic ice maker with fixed water connection produces perfect half-moon crescent ice cubes
  • Energy Star certified


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